Development of electronic support solutions for beekeeping

Welcome to the Era of Smart and Connected Electronics

C2M ELECTRONICS combines the fusion of cutting-edge electronic technology and data-driven solutions. We are proud to present our first products for beekeeping, designed to transform your daily professional life into an intelligent, connected and truly personalized experience.

C2M Electronics - apiculture et ruche connectée

Our Product Range


Connected hives

C2M Electronics - apiculture et ruche connectée

Remotely searchable scales with weight measurements, indoor and outdoor humidity temperatures.
Autonomous system on solar panel with battery and measurement taken every ½ hour. Consultation of data on a dedicated interface (accessible on Smartphone, PC).


Queen cell transportation incubators

Couveuse de transport de cellules royales (reines) pour l'apiculture thermorégulée en température

Royal (queen) cell transportation incubator for beekeeping

The portable incubator is ideal for transporting your queen cells. It is robustly constructed and easy to use.
This model can contain 77 cells in a protective foam support and we adapt the number of cells according to your needs. Feel free to let us know your need.
Reinforced insulation, air extractor in the event of overheating, the electronically controlled heating system ensures a constant temperature, fully adjustable from 25 to 40°C in steps of 0.5°C. (to be converted into Fahrenheit)
Display of temperature and setpoint on LCD display.
The incubator is powered as standard by a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. It can also be connected to a battery or power supply for mains use.

It is equipped with a stirring fan to even out the temperature in the incubator.


Other developments

C2M Electronics - Apiculture

We are currently working on incorporating a weather station connected to the scale.
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.

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